Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dora Loves Boots and Daughter Loves Son

After seeing how much the kids love story time at the library every Wednesday, I've been making the effort to make sure we're there.  The downside of that is, I have to discuss things like Valentine's Day to my kids because they heard books about it for 3 weeks in a row.  I'm not very big on Valentine's Day but really, in its simplest terms, what I told them about Valentine's Day is really what we should make it - It's just a special day when you make sure the people you love know it.  flowers, candies, jewelry, big romantic gestures that aren't made on any other day of the year aren't really my thing but I do think it's important to make sure the people you love know it and create great memories they can carry with them about the importance of showing love.

Well, because we go to the library each week now, we also get library books each week.  Last week, Daughter picked Dora Loves Boots. It's Valentine's themed.  Dora loves her best friend, Boots, and wants to give him a surprise on Valentine's Day.  So she picks strawberries for him because Boots loves strawberries.  And Boots wants to surprise his best friend, Dora, so he goes to Chocolate Lake and gets some chocolate for her because Dora loves chocolate.  Then, like with any Dora adventure, they arrive at their destination with the help of Backback and Map (while also stopping Swiper from swiping).  At Rainbow Rock they reveal their surprises and decide to dip the strawberries in the chocolate for a super special treat.

The kids love Dora, Boots, chocolate and strawberries.  So after reading the book about 17 times, we went to the store and bought out of season strawberries (Sorry, Barbara Kingsolver but they were delicious - at least they were from Florida and not California) and a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips.
Son decided he wasn't going to combine his strawberries with the chocolate.

Daughter was a good dipper

and after all the strawberries were dipped or eaten, the messy fun began. 

He didn't want to mix his strawberries and chocolate, but he sure enjoyed his fill of both.
And they enjoyed a bubble bath after and enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries for days.  It was a big hit.  And the kids were both excited that they got to be like Dora and Boots.


Husband said...

Such fantastically fun kids.

TL said...

the chocolate mouth scream is the best :)

Kim said...

I always say a little "I'm sorry" to Barbara Kingslover whenever I eat out of season food as well. Just today I was eating an Apple and was thinking, this is wrong! Just wrong.

However, I am a bit prejudiced and will always say that Driscoll Strawberries from California are always the best!!