Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Cheers for Bike Riding

Since the kids got their bikes at Christmas, I've been growing more and more envious nostalgic of my bike adventures.  

In late elementary school and middle school, I rode and rode and rode and rode with LMRP.  All over town.  The only rule my mom gave me when it came to riding (without a helmet) was that I couldn't ride on or across any main streets.  Even with this restriction we were able to go miles and miles and miles.  And more importantly, to a cheap gas station for snacks and to the local Sno Biz.  Fun times.   And later, during my senior year at The Judson, my physical education class was Walking, Jogging and Cycling.  And well, I pretty much only cycled. (again without a helmet).  I didn't stick to the 'stay off main roads' rule of my childhood so  JSS and I were able to go miles and miles.

Now that the kids have bikes and helmets, I want to ride again.  But well, Mommy riding without a helmet when the kids have to wear a helmet didn't seem quite fair.  (or safe now that I think about it) So, Husband aired up my bike tires and I picked out a helmet.  And we were off to the school to ride.
It's fun to watch the kids enjoy their bikes so much.

It's even more fun to get to join in on the fun.

And we're off.

After about an hour of riding, then walking around with the kids while they rode, I decided to ride my bike home.  (here's a little perspective: from our driveway to the very far end of the elementary school parking lot and back is a 5k, so it's not far.  At all. plus, it's all sidewalk until our street)   BUT, WOW. It was tough.  And I realized I need an upgraded, better cushioned bike seat!  Maybe for my birthday.  

My helmet review: It is much more comfortable than I ever thought. $20 well spent.  Now I'm safe AND setting a good example for my kids. 

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