Monday, February 13, 2012

Second Saturday Sunday: babies and furry friends.

Saturday JSS mentioned how we've been meeting and sewing together for almost a year.  And I've got lots of great things to show for it.  And rather fittingly, while having this conversation I was working on a baby quilt using the same tutorial that I used on our very first meeting.  And I wasn't the only one working on baby quilts.

JSS finished piecing the top to this AMAZING quilt for a soon to be arriving baby girl.

Marie quilted this quilt for a VERY soon to be arriving niece
 Susan wasn't working on a baby quilt.  no.  She was making dog collars.  Seriously.  And they are really great.  And inexpensive enough that if you'd like your pup to have a special holiday collar or just a collar that doesn't look like every other one in the pet super store and don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money you can order from her etsy shop and know you've got a great deal and a very special collar.
houndstooth for your hound.

I had super big plans.  I was going to finish THREE baby quilt tops.  silly, silly.  I know.  I planned to, in 3 hours, put together 3 baby quilt tops all while managing my daughter, eating lunch, fielding calls and photos Husband kept sending about how much fun Son was having at an indoor bouncy house place AND catch up on all the latest goings on with the other 3 ladies.  Well, I ended up completely one.  And almost finishing a second. Not too bad.
This one is for a special girl who's initials will be/are ACT.  And thanks to the SBS Applique month, I actually have the courage and knowledge to applique her initials on the back!  The back will be the same green as the border and the binding will be the reddish/pink that's the same as the first block on the left hand side.  I still haven't decided with the letters on the back will be done in.  But something that will POP with the back.
I have the other two to work on and they are for sisters.  Big Sister is almost 2 and Baby Sister will be born in June.  All 3 quilts are surprises.  But I don't think their moms (or dads) read my blog.  So we're mostly safe.

I'm so pleased with this fabric it's on clearance at Connecting Threads which was great for my wallet.  But more importantly, I love it.  I'd actually picked out this collection to use months ago and it just go happens that when I got the funds to buy, it was on clearance!

Also, I haven't forgotten a t-shirt quilt update.  I'll scan my back plan soon.

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TL said...

wow, wow, wow! love the fabric and the design. also, you are FAST!