Monday, November 28, 2011

75% off Halloween Costumes

If you had to guess the size of these costumes would you guess a children's medium (for 7-8 year olds)?   That's exactly what these are.  And because they were 75% off (only about $4 each) I said, "let's give them a try."   Luckily, the costumes were one piece, so after rolling up the sleeves and the pants legs, you couldn't tell they were made for kids at least one foot taller!

Seriously, both of these kids think Buzz Lightyear (and Jessie, and Woody and the rest of the gang) is/are the bee's knees.
to infinity ...
... and beyond


A. Smith said...

I picked up four different costumes (including this one) for part of Owen's Christmas present...He LOVES to play dress up!

Christy Ross said...

Ashley, that's such a great idea. I wish I'd made it to the store earlier so I could have gotten a couple more!