Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Game of the Century and how I spent it

Saturday, Husband and I headed to Tuscaloosa for some time without kids ... oh, yea, and to watch this super hyped football game.  And a good time was have by all.  No, that's a lie.  I saw a lot of crying, a lot of drunken celebrating, 3 fights and all around exhibitions of craziness.  But luckily, Husband and I were't the ones doing any of those things.  Husband was just a bit morose.

After lunch at DePalma's.  I was refused wine service because I had an expired driver's license.  seriously. time to renew.

My favorite smack talk of the day

Marr's Spring.  an incredible place on campus Husband took me to.  It was wonderfully quiet and  peaceful.  The campus used to use this spring as a water source.

Husband got down on the ground and propped his feet on the bench and said, "I used to do this a lot when I lived here."

Looking in one of the cisterns, spring water still flows.

My second favorite smack talk of the day

the drum line warming up

THIS is what the stadium looks like when you get there before the 90 minute countdown clock starts!! The student section is almost already full.


This is the closest I've ever been to Lee Corso in real life.
This is the part of the night when I put my camera in my pocket, got out my shaker and started watching the game and cheering like a lunatic.  Seriously, I don't think anyone around me knew I was an actual Auburn fan.    Two days later, my throat still hurts a little.

Here's how it would have gone if Alabama would have won: we'd have strolled to the Houndstooth, had a celebratory drink and then walked around for awhile and then started to make our way home in a leisurely fashion.  

Instead, they lost.  Which meant almost running the over a mile to the car and listening to sports radio most of the way home so Husband could hear other fans lamenting the loss.  But, we did stop long enough to get this picture:
Chris Fowler, David Pollack and Urban Meyer after the game.

Bonus, Husband went this great new way home that completely eliminated traffic.  Too bad we didn't stop for coffee on the way.   It was a great day.  Too bad my husband's team lost so it wasn't a great day for him as well.


laurensmommy said...

how awesome is it that ya'll got to attend the game?! The smack talking was hysterical. (and mostly true)

I sort of "converted" to an Alabama fan when I married my die-hard fan of a husband! But when I really considered myself a true fan was after my first game...I LOVE to go!! The band, the fans, everything. It's awesome!

Boo that Bama lost...but glad you had fun (and time away to yourselves! :)

Sara-Beth said...

You didn't see me on the quad?? :) I heart UA football games and everything leading up to them....don't love the occasional heartbreak though.

Christy Ross said...

S-B: Brooke's brother was on the quad too and while I was sort of looking for both of you while I wandered around, I really didn't feel like there was much hope of seeing ANYone I knew in that crowd!