Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ruffner Mountain and then some

Sunday, Husband was in the mood for an adventure.  The weather was great and so we decided to go hiking at Ruffner Mountain.  I hadn't been in almost 8 years and loved it then, so I was excited.  And the kids love hiking period.  But first we went to the airport.  Son and Husband watched planes for 45 minutes.  And Son would have loved to stay longer.


Southwest planes are his favorite

Son refused to get any closer to this "cave" because he said there was a lion in there.

off on the trail

Thank you, Osh Kosh B'Gosh outlet for your $9 jeans that are long enough for my daughter to wear

Daughter spent a lot of time tripping because she was staring up at the leaves, trees, sky and clouds.  Finally I told her I'd take a picture she could look at later.  

Son found a tree that looked like an airplane "steering wheel"  So he drove the plane.

"This map says we are lost." We weren't but she sure cracked up two ladies that were taking a break on a nearby bench.
 We ended up hiking about 3 miles and the kids did great.  So great that they asked to go to a park before we went home.  ah, to have their energy.
"take my picture while I slide, please."
notice the pants change.  potty training is not complete.  boo.

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TL said...

1 - Southwest planes are my favorite too

2 - her haircut continues to be overwhelmingly cute