Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Part 3: McWane and Whole Foods

Sunday McWane had a trick-or-treating day.  Come in a costume, make some crafts, touch some "eyeballs," pet a snake, get some candy.  It was a fun time.  A lot like the pirate day except, well, Halloween-y instead of pirate-y.  The kids had a fantastic time and Son actually wore his costume the whole time.  I figured he'd get tired of the hood and it'd be off and he'd turn into a half boy half tiger thing.

doing regular McWane activities as a tiger
making a shark hat.

Both kids love the moray eel tank. 

making a bat hat.  She discarded the nose and ears for awhile

Next we went to Whole Foods. How did we know we could trick-or-treat at Whole Foods on Sunday?  Easy.  Friday night Husband and I went on a hot date and decided on truffles from their bakery for dessert.  And there was a sign.  You go to all the department counters, yell, "TRICK-OR-TREAT" and got a prize.  The kids loved it and I liked that they got stickers and fruit snacks and other less bad for them treats. BUT, BUT, oh my the best treat of all, was FLOWERS.  We were in the checkout line and behind us was a florist who just got off work and she complimented the kids on their costumes and told us to make sure we went to the florist before we left because they were giving out flowers.  We did and the kids were in HEAVEN. Son got a little bouquet of yellow teacup roses and Daughter got a little bouquet of pale pink gerber daisies.  That was seriously the highlight of their day.

Daughter standing in front of Whole Foods with a $50 SUPER pumpkin on the way in (it was on sale. originally $79!!!)
Son standing by the pumpkin with his flowers on the way out

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TL said...

that's a great idea on the part of whole foods - very cool! and could son look ANY more pleased in the pic with his flowers??