Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Son's first football game

We took the kids to the Alabama Georgia Southern game Saturday.  They (the kids and the husband all had a fantastic time)

funny side note: When we were getting dressed, Daughter wanted to wear her Greg McElroy jersey she got for her first game last year AND her navy Auburn hat.  She wore it the entire car ride and when we were getting out of the car, I suggested she leave the hat in the car so she wouldn't lose it.  It worked.  The Auburn hat stayed in the car and Daughter didn't get heckled for loving red shirts and blue hats.   When Husband was putting on Son's Mark Ingram (who we saw signing autographs) jersey, he screamed, "GET THAT FOOTBALL SHIRT AWAY FROM ME."  He wore a different shirt and his red hat.

walking to the quad

cheering and shaking his shaker with the the band.  

watching the band at Gorgas.

the kids' view.  they loved it.

when we first walked into the stadium, about 30 minutes before the game.

Daughter saying hello to her good friend "Big Owl" and Son meeting "Al the elephant"
She loved it and he was pretty traumatized until we starting walking away and I said, "buddy, that's the Big Al, the elephant you watched on the field."   "... that was him?  I love him, but he scared me."

they cheered, ate popcorn, french fries and drank (gasp) Coke and cheered some more.

luckily the people behind us never showed up so  the kids could stand in their seats.  talking about the game

I'm pretty sure Daughter put a Confundus Charm on Georgia Southern

When Alabama had the ball, I taught her "B-A-M-A Bama all the way."
and on defense, she yelled, "PUSH EM' BACK! PUSH EM' BACK! HARDER, HARDER."
she loved it.
After the bands performed, we considered the day a success and headed out of the stadium.

Both kids declared two time National Championship winner Coach Frank Thomas as their favorite coach statue.
Daughter said if her likeness is ever turned into a statue, this is the pose she wants.
 On the way to the car, we stopped for ice cream.  The last time we went out for ice cream was Mother's Day (or Father's day ... I forget which one) but the kids both wanted the same kind of ice cream they had that time.  and that's what they ordered.
blue (cotton candy) for Daughter

green (mint) for Son
and something almost the size of his head, for Husband.  I think he got a pumpkin something or another.
Saturday night when we said "our favorite parts of the day" both kids said going to the football game.  It was a fun, special day I hope they remember forever.


brookebrenee said...

LOVE it! The one where Ryland is doing the spell is my favorite!

Nicki said...

Too too sweet! Reminds me of when mine was little. She would "cast" Harry Potter spells with her little shakers as "double wands" to make the other team play poorly. In her eyes, it worked every time! :)