Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Part 4: actual Halloween

Remember when Halloween was just 1 day?  on, ya know, October 31?  Well, after a Saturday and a Sunday of Halloween fun, I was Halloweened out by October 31.   I negotiated with Husband that I would make chili and stay home and hand out candy, if he took the kids around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  

Husband almost got to stay home.  Daughter decided she'd rather help make pizza and watch Charlie Brown all night.  But then at the 11th hour, she said, "I would like to go trick-or-treating one last time as Peppa Pig." Great.  I got them dressed and was glad I could stay at home in shorts and a tank top.

This is what Husband tried to wear.   I have no idea what he wanted to be, but that's the $13 ebay wedding dress I wore our first Halloween when I was a dead bride and his Bill Clinton mask.

The back.  Insane-o man was excited about going backless ...  I couldn't really zip him up very much.
Luckily, the kids are both terrified of the mask so he changed in to more normal clothes for trick-or-treating.

Peppa in more sensible shoes for walking the neighborhood.
My last attempt for a group shot was unsuccessful.  The friendly tiger was a blubbering mess of snot and tears who was pretty mad he got woken up from his nap early.  

Daughter showing off her glow stick and Son with his crazy flashlight from Nanny.

Husband had big plans of walking up this street, down that street, around this corner, to this house, and that house.  I was pretty shocked when 20 minutes later the doorbell rang and it was my family.  Apparently, after 4 houses Daughter decided it was getting too dark and it was time to go home and eat pizza.
showing off her treats
excited about his blue dumdum
I might have been burned out after 3 days of Halloween, but the kids loved it.  Lots of fun memories.


Mandy Mc said...

I was done after two days too :-) We went to a fall festival Sunday night and Monday night. Cady had a blast though! And, I was excited she got to wear her costume three times (they wore them to gymnastics last week too!).

Nicki said...

Too cute!! Me and my hubby stayed in. Daughter went out with her best friend. (We're not cool enough to be seen with her now, don'tchaknow. ;))