Sunday, August 16, 2009

EvaBank 5k results

it bothers me slightly that the sign reads "Midnight" instead of "11:59" because midnight is actually Saturday.

the results are posted online for the EvaBank midnight 5k that Husband ran in Friday. Out of 691 total runners, Husband finished 311 with a time of 28:30. YaY. The winner was a 22 year old guy who finished in 15:34. one more time, !!15:34!! That's some kind of running for sure.

The kids slept in the car, but neither one slept the entire time we were out of the car. silly kids. I also saw a college friend that I knew was going to be there, but was surprised she actually found me with so many people there.
The runners had glow sticks and Husband said it looked really cool in the pitch black turning a corner and seeing all the glow sticks in front of him and hearing the footsteps pounding the pavement.
It was a lot of fun and Husband enjoyed a couple of slices of pizza before we took it to the house.

I actually didn't even see him cross the finish line because I didn't want my double stroller to be too much in the way. I hung back a little and was going to only move up to the front at the 29 minute mark, because I figured he'd finish closer to 30 minutes. GEEZ. I was so mad at myself when at 29 minutes I'm standing on the line watching the runners, waiting, telling Daughter to get ready because we're going to cheer and clap for Daddy. and he taps me on the shoulder! UGH. I missed it.
He did great. I was so proud.
before the race. numbered and ready to go. in his official no prize t-shirt from Talk of the Nation Political Junkie on npr
after the start. it's hard to tell in the dark but that's almost 700 running.
Son. wide awake. only interested in constant motion.
Daughter was more interested in the Chik-fil-a cow. mooooooo moooooo mooooooo
giving me the pirate nod and forgiving me for missing him cross the finish line.

pizza. the best prize ever.


Stephanie said...

Congrats to your husband!

And, wow...I can't imagine running a 5K in 15 1/2 minutes. That is FAST.

My fastest time has been around 28 minutes.

Do you like to run too?

christy ross said...

yes, but I'm not near 28 minutes yet! I'm running at around 35 and I'm running my first race on Oct. 3. (without the double stroller luckily)