Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Great Onesie Cutoff of August 2009

Son is growing. but longer than wider it seems. his onesies (that he only ever wears when we're leaving the house) are too short. I had a few options.

  • pack them away and get out the 6 month clothes. but some of these onesies he hasn't even worn yet, so that seems like a waste of good clothes.
  • onesie extenders but I didn't want to spend any extra money to make Son's clothes fit longer
  • cut them off and make t-shirts. ding ding ding. we have a winner. t-shirts are easier anyway, when it comes to diaper changes.

All of Son's onesie bottoms. Does anyone have a crafty idea of something to do with these? I hate to toss them, but I haven't thought of anything yet. Does anyone want them?

Now, they've been cut off. I have a few more options.
  • don't do anything to them. if they fray, they fray.
  • fraycheck or another liquid bonder. it's inexpensive, but I didn't have any one hand and didn't want to go to the store to get any.
  • serger or sewing machine, but I don't have either of those.
  • but what I did have in the laundry room was Heat n'Bond left over from a busted pants leg hem project that turned out well

so, Heat n'Bond it is.

all my materials: ironing board, iron, scissors, Heat n'Bond and the shirts.

I just turned the shirt inside out, placed the Heat n'Bond, folded the bottom up for a straight line and ironed. And just worked my way around the whole bottom.

the puppy foot print onesie turned shirt, finished.

the first three finished. I had to take a break after these because Daughter woke up. and Daughter and hot irons don't mix. The lines don't look quite as clean as I'd like, but that's mostly because I wasn't taking as much time to make sure it looked great. My main concern is that they don't fray. a crinkled hemp doesn't bother me so much.

Son, modeling his new shirt.

he approves.

"Look Mom! I can play Where's Son with my onesie."


Mandy Mc said...

Very fun. Good job being resourceful and green and such :-) I LOVE the diaper cover son has on by the of my favorites.

Jennifer said...

You could make a blanket out of the bottoms. You could just square them or make strips. It's be an easy project and then you could always remember how cute the little things are!

There are also lots of sites that give you instructions for totes. They'd make very durable ones for ROS to put wood chips in!

Melissa Walker said...

Very nice job! I'm impressed by your work and Jennifer's blanket and tote ideas.

I still have a ton of t-shirts from Judson that I've been wanting to make into a blanket, but haven't taken the time to research how to it. Maybe one day when I have lots of money I can pay someone who enjoys doing it to help me out!

Megan said...

So creative....they look great!