Thursday, August 27, 2009

not just another day in the garden

I decided to cook spaghetti on Tuesday. YaY. we love it.

The meat is browning.

The garlic is diced.

The peppers are sliced.

Now for the onions. There weren't any in the house, so I headed out to the garden. I only find 4. (keep in mind these are small onions. I don't put 4 baseball sized onions in my spaghetti sauce!) so I start digging around for more and decide to get them all out.

dig. dig. dig.

dirty the fingernails.

dig. dig. dig.

find some onions.

dig. dig. dig.

find a rock-like clump of dirt. I'm about to throw it out in the yard when I see something shiny.

intrigued. I start breaking it apart and this is what I found:

a man's wedding ring.

how neat is that?

it's engraved. cursive and so faint. too faint to read. I tried cleaning it really well and then putting flour in the engraving. didn't work. Husband wants to put ink in it, but I'm not sold on the idea. seriously, the only thing I can make out is "19" it might be "1949" "1964" I think the third number is either a 4 or a 6. but really it could be anything.

I'm not giving up. I would love to be able to reunite the ring to it's owner or family.


Melissa Walker said...

Perhaps you were meant to find this ring, take it to a jeweler that does cash for gold, and buy more cloth diapers? Just a thought. ;o)

christy ross said...

haha. that's exactly what my mom said! (not the cloth diapers, but the cashing it in thing)

Megan said...

Too cool! What a find :)