Monday, August 3, 2009

HELP the puppy

that's right. we found a puppy. or rather, a puppy found us. Husband woke me up Sunday morning to tell me there was "a friendly puppy on the porch."

We're easing up on 30 hours of having a puppy on the porch. He's been splitting his time on the porch in our baby playyard that we bought to put around our Christmas tree last year and the backyard. He loves rolling around in the grass. He's pretty stinkin cute. and he seems to be somewhat potty trained. he hasn't gone to the bathroom in the playyard yet. He's been holding it until he's on grass.

As much as I'd love to keep him, we can't. He needs a good home, but that's not ours. Have I mentioned that Daughter is pretty smitten with him? She's been petting him and playing ball with him. She thinks he's a pretty great toy.

Our vet's office doesn't recognize him and he doesn't have a chip. No one has responded to my post on a community forum and no one but a few kids wanting to play with him has acknowledged our "Found Puppy" sign in the yard.
Want a cute little dog?
Puppy has been reunited with his family. I cried.


Jessica said...

I want him. But I live 900 miles away from you AND we have a house rule that we can't have a dog until we have a back yard.

bpeterson said...

Yes! Can you deliver?