Friday, August 14, 2009

the next 5k ...

tonight at 11:59. seriously. well, because if it were at midnight it'd be Saturday, right?

Husband is running in the 17th Annual EvaBank 5k Midnight Run. And after the run: pizza, drinks and entertainment. how about cots? can we get cots? It's supposed to be a pretty big event. There were well over 400 runners last year. That might not seem like a lot if you've ever seen the Boston or New York Marathons, but it's a lot for me to see around here.

It'll be fun and exciting and hopefully the kids will sleep in the double stroller most, if not, all the time. Yes, I'm going to be the mom taking her kids out at midnight. I'm pretty fortunate that while my kids make their own schedules, they are not slaves to them. they adapt well and will get a little extra sleep Saturday and all will be well again.

We've been a little lax about training to past two weeks because Husband's schedule has been more full than usual. I'm not worried he'll have a bad run. I'm more worried that he'll be exhausted before he even gets started. mid evening naps for the whole family? that would be nice.

results tomorrow.

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