Friday, December 17, 2010

the big tree.

We have 10 feet high ceilings through most of the house. So you would assume that we get a big, full 8 ft tree every year (or we have a prelit artificial 8ft tree). nay.

First, I don't like artificial trees. We have hard wood floors, so the minimal shedding isn't a big deal and I love the smell of fresh. And we don't have to store our fresh tree year round.

Second, we go to Marvin's down the street and pay $17.99 for a perfectly wonderful 6 ft Scotch Pine. Really, my only criteria in choosing a tree is that the trunk is straight. Sure, to an adult, our tree looks like a baby in the big room, but to the kids it is fantastic. And to the cat it is the outdoors she so desperately craves.

Plus, Daughter thinks that for the last 2 years she was the one to choose the tree. That's an important thing to a toddler.

Daughter, at Marvins inspecting the trees
she decided this one was too bare on the bottom and we'd have to cut some of the limbs

THIS IS IT. Our tree. Thanks, Daughter.

At home we put it in the stand and watered it amply. After the kids went to bed, Husband strung the lights and I went through all the ornaments and separated all the breakable ones out. Maybe I'll see them on my tree sometime around 2015. Until then, I'm not taking any chances!

the kids putting up the plastic balls I got at Sam's Club 3 or 4 years ago.

fyi, most of these balls have already been removed and I'm collecting them in a box. I decided I'm dealing with the aggravation of having to keep putting ornaments back on the tree 3 times a day!

This is what it looks like today. (6 days after purchase) The skirt has been pushed to the side. The lights have been pulled from their original position and the bottom 3 feet look ridiculously bare.
And even though the cat has been climbing in it everyday, there's been VERY little cleanup.

no ribbons. no bows. no beautiful color scheme and matching ornaments. HECK, there's not even a tree topper this year.
I love it!

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