Monday, December 20, 2010

our 2011 calendar

I love Vista Print. Once you start doing business with them, they send you loads and loads of free/discounted offers. That's where I got my postcrossing postcards. Last year I racked up, free totes with our pictures on them, free mouse pad, pens, stationary, note cards, address labels. sure, there's a shipping charge. but it's not much.

Last year, I made 4 2010 calendars. 1 for our house, 1 for Husband to take to work for his office and one for both of our mothers. I think I got those buy one get one free. But I was so excited about them. Mainly because I got to sort through all the year's pictures to find ONE for each month. April is Son's birth month and September is Daughter's so they "got" those months. And the rest, Husband and I narrowed it down as best we could.

It was nice looking at the 2010 calendar all year with last year's memories. So of course I wanted to do it again this year. ESPECIALLY when I saw the deal Vista Print has running on Facebook right now. (click on the Holiday Deals tab and you'll see "new calendar")

I got FIVE photo collage calendars for $19.98 (plus shipping) I panicked and paid for 2 week shipping to get it in time for Christmas and it arrived 4 days after I placed the order. They are always REALLY fast with shipping.

I couldn't narrow it down to just one photo per month so I opted to do the photo collage option and chose 6 pictures per month. And even that was hard!

So here is the tiniest sneak preview of our 2011 calendar:

This is the front of the calendar. It's also our Holiday Card photo.
(I took over 300 pictures with my tripod and camera timer to get this one shot. And it's not even a spectacular shot. insanity)

NOTE: all the pictures below are actually printed in black and white in the calendar, but less the first one, I posted the color shot for the blog. And these were all taken Saturday.

Daughter running around the yard playing chase, about 30 minutes before we went to pick out our Christmas tree.

Son before going outside to play in the yard before going to pick out the Christmas tree. He looks so grown up here. Not like the 21 month old he actually is!

Husband took this one while we were playing around later that night. There were some really silly ones where we're making funny faces but for the calendar, this is it.

Husband and Son playing outside before picking out the Christmas tree.

We definitely don't take very many of these anymore. There's usually a kid in the way!
Husband says he's had this sweater for over a decade and I promise I have ZERO recollection of ever seeing it before Saturday!
The sixth picture is our family picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus at Palisades Park.

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