Thursday, December 9, 2010

thursday morning play

I'm not going to mince words: I dislike extreme cold as much as I dislike extreme heat.

maybe I was meant to be a Buddhist because of my extreme views of all things in moderation. (I think the "extreme" part and my belief in Jesus Christ just canceled out that idea) ;-)

I digress. It's been cold. Too cold to go outside and play for hours like we were doing less than a month ago. Cooped up in the house.

Here's what we did today:

the kids went to their rooms, emptied out their toy buckets and played in them for HOURS. seriously. well, it was only about an hour and a half.
They also insisted on blankets. to cover their heads, of course.
those toy buckets: $3 each at Walmart this summer. We got 3. fabulous investment.

blocks in the window.
Daughter insisted that these blocks didn't want to be a part of the tower. They just wanted to watch.

Son's baby doll. and the baby doll's bear. The bear used to be Daughter's and she sometimes reclaims it briefly, but Son likes to keep bear with baby.


Jennifer said...

I love son's baby doll. I'm glad you let him play with them. So far Jacob only wants to eat the faces and feet of Lily's dolls, so he doesn't have one of his own yet!

Ashley Goldsmith said...

That is awesome. I love that Son has a baby doll and his baby doll has a bear! Emma loves to play with her blocks and her Little People on the windowsill. It's her favorite place!