Friday, December 17, 2010

the little trees

I'm not at all picky about the trees for the kids' rooms. fake it is.

I had a little tree in my room when I was little. Smurf ornaments all over it. So, I decided this was the year Daughter and Son got a tree in their rooms. Bad choice? not entirely. But I probably had higher than realistic expectations, that they would, ya know, not pull every ornament off. silly me.

Daughter decorating her tree. She was so meticulous and would often change the placement of ornaments and even a day later was still declaring that her tree wasn't finished quite yet.

Husband helped her put in the ornaments she picked out. including pink butterflies.

Son's tree. He helped too.

He found a thick spot in the branches and that where he put all the silver and red balls. just placed them in like a nest.

hanging a snowflake

Yesterday Daughter and I strung cheerio garland (much faster than the popcorn that I originally thought of) for her tree and Son's tree. She did great with her fat embroidery needle.

Showing off her cheerio garland. She did a fantastic job, but don't be fooled. She only strung about 30 cheerios. I did the rest.

This is Son's tree. Notice that bare shiny spot of yarn? The shiny is spit. Yes, Son has been eating his garland!

"It goo-ddd," he says.

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The Freeman Family said...

I LOVE that Son snacked on his garland.