Friday, January 15, 2010

Nativity Scene: childen's nativity scene, number 1

This nativity scene makes me smile. and it reminds me of two others I have almost identical to it. I also have the "white" version and the "mini" version which is just like this one except the pieces are all smaller than quarters.

This one came from wal-mart. it has the typical 12 pieces. I like the muted colors and warm tones. I also like that it's a child version. all the characters are children.

It was displayed on the sub-woofer for the record player speakers on the buffet in the dining room [that was a mouthful]. Husband was in charge of placement of this nativity scene so there you have it. all the characters are focused on baby Jesus, not really concerned that we are looking at them. I doubt Husband thought of any deeper meaning when he was arranging them, but I left them exactly as he did - focused on Jesus. except for the selfish donkey ... was wasn't interested.

Baby Jesus is asleep, covered in a blanket.

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