Monday, January 18, 2010

Nativity scenes: the one from Mexico

This is the last nativity scene that I put out for Christmas 2009. I got it in Mexico between Christmas Day 2004 and Epiphany (2005). Brooke and I were on a cruise and wishing we could just stay in Mexico a little longer [maybe a lot longer, that was a fun day] seriously. I could write a whole series of blogs about that cruise.

This one is probably the only one I have with obvious Catholic influence. [i.e. Mary has a halo.] it really is so beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice. It also has a larger cast that normal nativity scenes. A greater cloud of witnesses, if you will. It seems that Joseph is missing and two children(?) bringing gifts have come. I don't know if Joseph is missing because I bought an incomplete set or if he just wasn't included. I got it at an open air market for $6.
the kids. ? eh, maybe they are kids. Maybe they are kneeling adults. I don't know.
At first I thought this was Joseph. but now I think he's the shepherd, because he looks much older than Joseph would have been plus he has a shepherd's crook in his hand. I'm saying those three little lambs are his charges.
The Wise Men. check out the guy on the right's goatee. it makes me smile.

Baby Jesus. asleep. little red lips.

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