Saturday, January 2, 2010

the Adventures of Daughter [and Gracie]: bedtime

Gracie has different sleep spots in the house. She'll sleep in the same place for weeks, then BAM ... she's ready for a change and she'll find a new place to sleep for weeks.

Gracie has slept under the Christmas tree, on the couch, on my pillow, on top of my feet, on top of the fridge, in the bathroom sink, on a kitchen cabinet ... pretty much anywhere she wants.

When Daughter was about 6 months old we found her sleeping in the opposite side of Daughter's crib that Daughter was sleeping in. That was just one night, but we documented it on the handycam.

Daughter loves Gracie [or EE as Daughter calls her] We've even taken to calling her EE.

We figured it was only a matter of time before EE found Daughter's bed for the night.

and it's happened.

Gracie's been sleeping in Daughter's bed for almost two weeks now. I finally got the courage up to sneak in and take a picture. it's not a big deal to sneak into your child's room to watch them sleep, but it is a big deal so sneak into a pitch black room with a camera and flash a picture.

This is Thursday night. Gracie had settled in but not gone to sleep yet.
Last night, Daughter went to bed before EE was in there. Daughter was upset and kept telling Husband she wasn't ready for bed because EE wasn't in her bed. Husband reassured her that EE would be there soon. "O-tay" Daughter laid in bed waiting. About 5 minutes later we saw Gracie walk into Daughter's room and soon after heard, "EE! EE! YAY! tom bed EE"

so cute. I sneaked in last night and got another picture.
This morning Daughter woke us up by coming into our room screaming, "EE, EE, EE, EE, EE, tom see" Husband took Daughter's hand and followed her into her room where EE was still asleep on the bed. Daughter was so proud. "look, EE sleep bed"

she loves that cat. and the cat is very tolerant of her love.


Nicki said...

Cats are very surprising creatures. Mother tells me that our Siamese was "tolerant" of my "love" as well.

My cat, Hobie, was a mean-spirited little diva who never liked kids, but immediately took to Jessie when she and Jim moved in with me. She would also sleep with Jessie and followed her around like a dog. (something she rarely did even with me!)

Melissa said...

Love this. Thanks for sharing. :o)