Tuesday, January 5, 2010

nativity scenes: international bazaar

This Nativity Scene is fantastic. it was a gift from my Aunt and Uncle the Christmas they found out I'd started collected them. it's so unique. Notice all the cut out windows (and the star) in the buildings? it's because they are votive holders. there's a place in the back to put a lit votive. They light the whole building up. it's beautiful. I also like the lack of color. it wasn't needed, I think.

There are 11 pieces and it was on the center of the mantle for Christmas 2009. it doesn't have an angel, but the cross on top of the building makes up for it. there's a shepherd holding a lamb and another standing lamb.

I tried about 10 times to get a picture with the buildings lit but just couldn't pull it off with my camera.

Baby Jesus. sleeping. legs crossed. not really swaddled.

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Megan said...

Beautiful...I love that it can be candlelit!