Tuesday, January 26, 2010

nativity scene: cayman islands style

It's a shell of some sort, hollowed out and the nativity scene decorated inside. [I should have asked of what sort when I bought it in the Cayman Islands] this one of the three nativity scenes I bought on the cruise that I've been talking about on the last two nativity scene posts. [the last one I'm saving for the final post because it's my favorite.]
the lid.
the inside. I love the bright colors. Mary also has a halo here too, as does Jesus and either the angel or Joseph. the mystery halo figure it looks like a man, but it wouldn't make much since for it to be Joseph. unless it was a MALE angel. ok. that makes perfect sense. it's a male angel. mystery solved.
Baby Jesus looks like he has the "prayer hand" post along with everyone else. and a face much wiser than an infant.

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bpeterson said...

Aww... I remember how excited you were to get this one!