Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Onions, the second ones.

Husband with the second batch of onions we pulled up last night for meat pies that didn't quite work out.
We planted red (geez, there are actually purple. purple onions. so why do people call them red? I have no clue) and white onions. While they could stay in the ground longer (and the majority of them are still there) we've pulled a few when we wanted to eat onions with a meal and didn't have any in the house.
Husband pulled 2 red and 2 white almost two weeks ago for a salad and they were pretty great. albeit much smaller than store bought onions. but the ones that he pulled last night were larger. so if we actually leave them in the ground until the stems fall over and die, they'll be even bigger still. I'll have to post pictures then too.

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