Monday, July 27, 2009

5k training is back on track

as you already know, Husband and I started training for our first 5k when Son was 4 weeks old. When he was 6 weeks old, we started a program called Couch to 5k (a 9 week program) and I found some great podcasts to run to so we wouldn't have to watch a clock.

do the math: Son was born on April 6. Today is July 27. it's been 16 weeks. and I'm only on week 4. I could list all the excuses as to why we took time off or I stayed on certain weeks longer but really, they're just excuses and some only as interesting as "I was really tired."

Husband ran his first 5k a month ago tomorrow and is currently working on Week 6 to decrease his time for his next TBD race.

I use my iPod and he uses the Shuffle I got him for Father's Day so we can run at our own paces. oh, and I push Son and Daughter in our double stroller (with infant seat attachment) while on my jog.

I never NEVER never realized how much more work jogging with the stroller was until today when I jogged without it for the first time. Yes. I know it weighs 22 pounds (even more with the attachment and Son's infant seat) Yes. I know son weighs 15 pounds. Yes. I know Daughter weighs 25. but I still didn't think it'd be that much different jogging without it.

I've been stuck in a rut on Week 4 and this is really what I needed to break through the wall and advance to Week 5.

I've decided that I'm not entering a 5K until I can do it without walking. That's my goal. Time is irrelevant. I just don't want to walk.

There's one coming up that Mandy told me about. I think Husband will end up entering it. because it's a night race and he's been wanting to do one of those. Right now the plan is we take turns so one of us can stay with the kids at the finish line (unless we find a stroller friendly one to enter together, that'll be the rule for awhile)

Anyway, that's my update on our mundane 5k training.

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