Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spirits Sunday

Much like gladys, I love Jesus, but I like to drink a little. "Spirits Sunday" has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit and everything to do with alcohol. teetotallers beware.

"Spirits" are actually alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of greater than 20% and I'll probably be talking mostly about wine which only contains between 9% and 16% alcohol. BUT I already post a Wordless Wednesday and I didn't want to include a Wine Wednesday in the mix.

Spirits Sunday it is.

Now introducing my first Spirits Sunday.

I found it at Whole Foods Market and it's actually on their Top Ten Wines for the Summer list. I forget how much it cost, but it was under $10.

"The Bunny Wine" is a fantastic Reisling from Germany. As far as I can find, the winery doesn't have a website, so what I know about the wine, I read on the label and experienced in tasting it.

It has pretty great peach and pear aromas. It's really light and fruity. and of course, best served well chilled. It'd be great with hard cheeses, pastas and cream sauces and light seafood meals. We drank it a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure we just had vegetable hash with it.

Husband and I really liked it. He was actually surprised it was as good as it was because I'm notorious for picking wines based on the coolness factor of their labels and not on much else.

Rieslings are great wines for people who think they don't like wine because they've had some room temperature red wine once and was completely turned off.

the alcohol content content was 10%, it has a cork and it's a 2007 vintage.


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Megan said...

Mmmmm....I'm a big Reisling fan (okay, it's about the only wine I like!). I'll have to check out this one :D