Sunday, July 19, 2009

it's all fun and games until someone falls asleep

Friday we played outside most of the day. Daughter loved it. She's a big fan of being outside whenever possible. She's also a big fan of wearing her raincoat, whenever possible. Husband got home about mid afternoon and started wheeling her around in her wagon. And boy does she love the wagon.

I kept hearing them singing, talking and babbling. And by that I mean, Husband was singing and talking while Daughter chatted in a language we haven't grasped yet. After close to an hour, I peek outside and Husband is still wheeling the wagon around. And Daughter is bobbing around like a buoy.

yes. asleep. sitting up. in the wagon. So, I get the camera, take a picture of slumped over Daughter and bring her in the house for a proper nap.

slumped over. out like a light

sleeping off the fun.

This kid just goes and goes and goes until she's worn out, wakes up and then it ready to do it all over again. She's pretty amazing.

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Anonymous said...

How cute! I love the raincoat too. It always cracks me up when you post about her and that coat.