Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's our date-a-versary

Today is our date-a-versary. After asking me out twice and me turning him down twice ... I said, "yes" to a date with Husband.

We met at Bottega for dinner. He brought tulips. But instead of ordering food we just sat there and talked. and talked. and talked. Our waiter kept coming to check on us (i.e. trying to get us to order something). Finally after sitting there an hour and a half, we decided to order dessert. TWO.

We picked a chocolate cake and peanut butter pie. (and Husband ordered a cappuccino) The waiter brought both desserts and put them in front of me. I made a joke that I feel like with all this dessert in front of me I should just eat it with my hands. So, he said, "I dare you." (note: we're in a fairly nice restaurant and there are local celebrities sitting around us.)


he fell in love right then. We could've just headed to the court house and got married then. that's all it took.

While we were waiting on our check, I decided this date is going pretty well. I'm not ready for it to be over. So I tell him I have a place I'd like to show him. Husband says he has a place he'd like to show me. Through about 3 more minutes of back and forth we realize that "our place" is actually the SAME place. Georgetown Lake.

I left my car at Bottega and we head for Hoover. windows down. we stopped for bread to feed the ducks and then we were there. The Police made us leave at 11 when the park closes and we headed back to get my car. We had a great hug. (sorry, no kiss. He had to wait after four more dates for that.) Then he asked when he could see me again and made a joke about hoping he wouldn't have to ask me out three more times before I said yes to a second date.

I decided a fun way to celebrate our date-a-versary would be to recreate it. at home, of course.

Husband was going to be home late last night so I figured that'd be a perfect time to surprise him, because the kids would already be in bed when he got home.

I baked a chocolate cake, iced it. I made a peanut butter pie. I blew up the kids' wading pool and gathered up the rubber ducks.

Then I went about other business.

Later I discovered that Daughter couldn't wait to get her hands on that chocolate cake and I should've put it somewhere other than the counter.

this is what Daughter did to the cake. notice she used her left hand. see the thumb and finger prints. Luckily, I kept my cool. I said, "honey, remember I said we couldn't eat any of the cake until Daddy got home? This cake is for Daddy."
"sorry, mommy. big hug?" she was instantly forgiven.

Husband shows up unexpectedly without calling first (almost an hour earlier than I was expecting him!). I hear his key in the door and run to meet him. He has to stay on the porch until I cut the cake and pie and make the cappuccino.

This is what he had for me when I opened the door. Tulips. They weren't the same color as the first ones but they matched my shirt and I thought that was pretty neat.
Of course, I have to keep them locked in our bathroom so Gracie doesn't eat them. (sigh) they're beautiful and a super surprise.

Because Husband came home an hour earlier than I expected him, our favorite third wheel joined the fun. She even blew out the candle that I had on the table. She also kept wanting to clink glasses. It takes away a little of the romance, but it adds humor.

This is my recreation of Georgetown Lake.
It was a nice reminder of how much fun we had 4 years ago. It was a great first date and a fun story to tell about how I began to fall in love with my husband.


Megan said...

Sweet story....and I'm loving that you might have a lefty on your hands! ;-)

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Loooooove totally made me smile:)!!

Nicki said...

Awwwwww, such a sweet story! Thank you for sharing. Happy dateaversary! :)

I find it oddly remarkable that y'all's first date is not that dissimilar from mine and my husband's. He had asked me out several times and I'd turned him down repeatedly before finally giving in and saying "Yes."

For us, it was dinner at Surin West (because he knew that was one of my favorite places). We hit Krispy Kreme and spent the rest of the evening sitting in the parking lot of the 1776 building eating donuts and looking out over the city.