Thursday, April 15, 2010

sidewalk chalk miscommunication

Daughter and I went outside and made an entire zoo worth of sidewalk chalk animals.

NOT A PETTING ZOO. just a zoo.

She wanted me to draw
a bunny. check
a fish. check
an alligator. check
a dog. check
an elephant. check
a snake. check

yes, snakes are easy. I consider anything I draw to be a success if my daughter can identify what it is. She knew immediately this was a snake.

She also recognized this to be a friendly alligator with razor sharp teeth. And then she colored his teeth. blue-ish white-ish
After I drew all the animals I knew to be identifiable, I moved on to fruit. Daughter would not [WOULD NOT] believe this was a banana. She kept calling it "night time." She thought it was a moon. She was very sure it was a moon, in fact. ok, fine.
so, I drew a moon. She kept calling it a "an-anna" even after I added the stars. Finally, she got the blue chalk and added the sky ... THEN it was "night time."
I must take this opportunity to apologize to my college Astronomy Professor. He'd have preferred those stars be in some constellation shape. He also gave me a C. I cried.

1 comment:

laurensmommy said...

as someone who knows pretty much nothing about constellations, I will have to say that I admired the nice, neat rows of stars. :)

And the snake is impressive!