Monday, April 5, 2010

saturday SATURDAY saturday

we had a big day outside.

I dug a mini square foot garden (3X3) for 9 strawberry bushes.

Husband put the dividers back on the main garden (enlarged last weekend from 2 to 3 squares) and planted it fully, PLUS he dug out 150 square feet in the back of the yard (or the front actually) for what we're calling the berry bed. He worked really hard. I'm proud of him and his blisters.

We still have to dig the holes for the remaining berry bushes and pumpkin vines, then put down the mulch around it. I decided on mulching it just so we wouldn't have to get in there with the weed eater and risk injuring the bushes/vines. (I'm hoping with the mulch, hand weeding will be doable.) It's something we should be able to knock out fairly quickly once we recover from sunburns, sore backs/arms, bug bites and blisters. Maybe one week night this week.

Here's the main garden. You can definitely tell the new wood from the old. And you can also tell that I didn't bother to clean up our yard 'stuff' before I snapped the pictures! Daughter and i have gotten into a decent habit of cleaning up after ourselves ... mostly.
Here's the strawberry square. There's 9 plants in there! I'm pretty proud of it because I did it all. except the nailing of the square together. Husband did it for the main reason that complete assembly took him about 3 minutes and it would've probably taken me 20!
This is the berry garden at the top/bottom of the yard. notice the bags of mulch waiting to fulfill their destiny.
I feel really good about the garden this year. More so than last year because I was either HUGELY pregnant or taking care of a newborn when the garden was planted last year, so I played a much smaller role. This year, I definitely did as much as I could and feel really proud of what we got accomplished. We didn't use any store bought plants again this year and I hope that ends up being a good decision ... only time will tell I suppose!

UPDATE: we planted the rest of the berry bushes and pumpkins today. mulch tomorrow after I water again.

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