Monday, April 26, 2010

pool fun

remember summer days of playing in your underwear (or naked) in your blue plastic pool (with or without the slide) ???

man, I do. Son and Daughter enjoyed there own version of underwear play (later naked play for Daughter but I won't post those pictures)

She let me know early on that she would be in charge of the hose pipe. She was also in charge of keeping grass and leaves out. And spraying Son with water.

Here they are working together. Or at least she's not soaking Son with water.

He had a fun time. in his shirt and diaper.

She had a fun time being the boss. Bossy first born daughter strikes again. hhmm. I was afflicted with the disease too.

Side note: I KNOW my mother never did this because I remember sitting in my blue pool shivering because the water was so cold, but I brought some hot water out from the house so there water would at least be warmer that COLD. I'm too easy on these kids. I remember seeing my brother on the other side of the pool with blue lips. And we might've had as much fun as these kids. ;-)

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Erin Caden Rogers said...

My pool was light blue and it had a dolphin dead center that spouted water in a trickle "waterfall-like" fashion. You are entirely too sweet of a mama to bring out that warm water;)