Monday, June 21, 2010

eggplant and strawberries - oh my!

Yesterday, Husband and I went out to the garden to look for squash and arugula for Father's Day dinner. We found plenty.

We also found these:

two of the regular eggplants (the kind your normally see in the grocery store)

and 8 of these. They are Japanese eggplants. instead of getting fat they grow long and skinny. They may or may not be Ichibans, they were given to us and our friend couldn't remember their name. (I already have a great recipe idea for these babies)

Husband spotted these. strawberries.
The strawberries inspired some brainstorming about NEXT year's garden. We talked about moving the strawberries (and getting more) to the strawberry box I dug for them. Those original strawberries (the ones that were never alive) taught me a lesson about choosing what you plant.

We also talked about what we'd like to place where next year (and even adding another square)

exciting. I'm getting a lot of personal satisfaction out of this garden. It's nice to start a project, work hard on it and get positive results.

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