Thursday, June 17, 2010

the MYSTERY vegetable

If you'll remember, I planted the seeds in the house and carefully marked each container. tomatoes, squash, cucumber, bell pepper, eggplant, etc.

If you'll remember, Husband carefully followed my garden grid and planted all the seedlings and other seeds and bulbs in the garden.

So when something started coming up in the cucumber square that didn't look like cucumber, we were miffed.

It started out looking like a yellow crooked neck squash plant. ok. that's explainable. Husband just mixed up the squash and cucumber when he was planting. but no, the squash squares are definitely filled with squash. PLUS, mystery vegetable plant doesn't look exactly like the squash plants.


maybe a seed made it out of the composter and randomly started germinating at the exact right time as the other seeds. highly unlikely. especially since we're pretty careful about not putting seeds in the composter.

the mystery continues. It most closely resembles a green butternut squash. only time will tell. What I do know, is that it's the single biggest producer in the garden!!

a leaf. (a big leaf)
notice the vegetable growing in the middle left. it's taking over a tomato cage.

the largest speciman. weird. definitely not a cucumber, wouldn't you agree?

another one with bloom still hanging(with an even smaller one in the left corner) Just hanging out with the stupice tomatoes.

four. FOUR. FOUR different ones. whatever this thing is, it's growing almost a dozen vegetables right now!
We're at a loss. The best we can figure is that seeds got mixed up in the packets. What do you think?


Melissa said...

Based on blogs from it is a calabasa squash (but I think it may be in the family of butternut.) I can't access the blogs from work right now, but that is where Michael was able to find similar pictures.

christy ross said...

I think the Walkers are on to something! VERY similar.

The Freeman Family said...

It looks like a butternut squash or a gourd. Are you going to try to eat it?

Every year we have a random tomato or watermelon plant appear somewhere. In the oddest places too but if left alone it turns into our best producers.

I am determined to master the vegetable garden.

Tina said...

I vote for a butternut squash.