Friday, June 4, 2010

It's National Donut Day ... at least for the next few minutes

Husband got home from work and whispered in my ear:

Let's go on a date tonight.
I'm listening. What do you have in mind?
Krispy Kreme.
I'm there. We'll go after dinner.

Daughter watching donuts being made, but being distracted by her new friend, Ethan.

I took a picture of the wall.

Husband enjoying his coffee.

Daughter being entirely too interested in the cream and sugar.

the dozen we paid for. (Krispy Kreme gave every person a free donut)

my joe.

Daughter's donut. She ended up eating almost all of it later. She stabbed it with the coffee stirrer and enjoyed it like a kabob.

Son enjoyed an unglazed cake donut. He ate about half. Well, no. I gave him half of a donut. Half of that went in his mouth and the other half became crumbs on his shirt.

He had fun.

Daughter drinking her high fructose corn milk. yuck.
btw, the HOT NOW sign was on the entire time we were there and the line was out the door!

We all had a fun time. Of course, Daughter cried when it was time to go. She kept saying, "wanna watch makin donuts." It's tough when you're 2.5 and your parents take you to Krispy Kreme for dessert and then only let you stay for 45 minutes.

p.s. all the pictures were taken on Husband's cell phone a HTC OZONE.

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Nicki said...

We love that place and used to take our young'un when she was little to watch them being made.