Saturday, June 5, 2010

saturday morning adventure

We just got home from a Saturday morning adventure.

It started with a trip to an appliance store to get a part for our leaky dishwasher and to drop off recycling.

When you have to drive an hour to get to these places, you need to do more than 2 things.

Husband suggested the Farmers' Market and the Flowers Bakery Store.

This is our Farmers' Market Haul
4 sweet potatoes
4 eggplants
1 bunch of fresh onions (we'll use the top and bottoms)
3 green tomatoes
1 bunch of cilantro
a small basket of peaches (a couple are missing bc Daughter already ate them)
a small basket of plums (Son already ate one of these)
TOTAL: $13 score.

Our Flower's haul:
2 loaves of 100% whole grain bread (for everyone)
1 pack of hamburger buns (for Husband)
2 packs of hot dog buns (for Husband)
2 bags of tortilla chips (for when we make Mexican. I love these chips bc they are thick. not much breakage and they taste GREAT)
Total: $8 score.

About 10 minutes from home we passed a church yard sale. I saw a dozen kids "church chairs" and asked Husband to stop. I jumped out of the car and asked how much they were (knowing I only had $6 and no check book on me) THREE bucks each. They'd been selling them for 7 earlier in the day, but now they were breaking down tables and starting to load the leftovers into the Hannah's Home truck.
So I got two. I thought about getting two taller ones, but then decided to get a tall one for Daughter and a shorter one for Son.

Back in the car, I told Husband I wish I would've asked for two more so I could have 4 (for some imaginary kids table I don't even have yet).

Always the philosopher, Husband reminded me that the Hannah's Home/King's Ranch were either going to use those chairs in their homes or sell them for money for the homes and they probably needed the money more than I needed those two chairs.

Oh, Husband.

I love these chairs. Such sweet memories of Sunday School, Children's Choir, GA's, Vacation Bible School -- both as a student and a teacher.

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Jessica said...

Those chairs take me way back, soul sister... every bony-butted child's nightmare.

Plus 10 points if your new chairs have glitter or paint on them from VBS crafts :)