Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last night's dinner: from the garden!!

Last night we had a salad (with grilled chicken that husband coated in yogurt and dill).

Sounds great already, huh?

Well, the best part was where the greens came from. OUR GARDEN.

Seriously guys/gals/readers/friends/stalkers/etc, I was so excited about this!

a nice mix of arugula and spinach.
our salad base. rinsed and ready.

We had some store bought baby spinach in the fridge and I originally thought I'd have to supplement a little of that in the salad, but we ended up not needing it.

Last year was so exciting. The newness, the trial and error. Being our first garden, we probably learned more than we actually harvested.

And this year, we're getting great results so far. I get a little giddy every evening when I go outside to water/check on the garden.

Plus, it's been raining a lot. So we haven't had to water much AND we've been able to collect a great amount of rain water. (as of right now we haven't had to water the garden with anything but rain water we've collected)

(I'm thinking about getting a mint plant. Husband would LOVE that for mint tea)

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