Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday: part 2.1, The Alabama Theatre

(I'm breaking this post into 5 mini posts so picture loads will be faster)

Husband and I decided the first Christmas we were together (we were engaged at the time) that we'd go to The Alabama Theatre to see It's a Wonderful Life every year. Well, it's been four Christmases and we've only been twice (kids will slow you down).

Regardless of how often we get to go, we LOVE The Alabama and its Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ. Husband wants to start taking Daughter to weekend cartoons there eventually, so we thought this would be a fun way to introduce her to the theatre. (and Son too)

Daughter enjoying a cookie in the main lobby. She had to put her punch down before I let her in that chair! This is when we first got there and were hot and sweaty from The Lyric. Refreshments were in order.

The view coming up from the basement. I liked the lighting.

Daughter first walking into the theatre and choosing a seat so we could listen to the Wurlitzer.

Her seat. She was amazingly attentive.

Husband and Son's seats, across the aisle

ever so patient. He's a rock. (and a little tired)

Daughter making her way up to the lower balcony

relief work on the staircase

This is when we're preparing to leave. headed back down to the lobby

Of course, one more helping of refreshments were called for. Making this a true Part-Day.

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