Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday: part 2.5 The Alabama stage

First, a little about the Mighty Wurlitzer: It is a Wurlitzer Opus 1783. It has four keyboards, 20 original sets of pipes, 8 sets of tuned percussion units, and all the sound effects needed to accompany a silent movie. There were 8 sets of pipes added later for a total of 2008 pipes! OH, and it raises and lowers from beneath the stage. So cool to listen to.

view from the back

view from the side while the organist is playing

Now for what I think was the coolest part of the day: We were about to leave, but I wanted to get more pictures from the stage. There were people shuffling off and on the stage to take family pictures, pictures of the organ and just well, any other kind of picture ... and to look around, of course.

Well, the organist starts playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and suddenly, I look around. It's just Daughter and I standing on the stage. And she starts dancing.

I run down the stairs and take a seat on the front row with others who are listening. and I start taking pictures of my daughter. dancing. on stage at The Alabama, alone.

a solo.

I got chills. She was being so "in the moment." I don't even think she noticed the dozens of people in the audience watching her/listening to the organ.

I loved it.

"Look Mommy, I dance all by myself."

more dancing

it was magical
I took a couple of videos of her dancing that I'll have to load soon.

3/4, not bad.

I emailed my mother a few dozen pictures of the day trip and she told me she had never been to The Lyric but used "to go see all the Elvis pictures at The Alabama." cracks me up.

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