Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday: part 2.3 The Alabama the balconies

First the lower level balcony.

Two older ladies were talking to Daughter here.
The front row lower level balcony chairs right behind Daughter is where Husband and I sat the first time we came to see It's a Wonderful Life together.

Son, still confined. ready for action

the sides of the chairs. (they were only decorated on the main level and lower balcony.)

Daughter climbed ALL the way to the TOP of the theatre and this is the seat she picked.

the view of the stage from the top row of the theatre

Son, released and trying to get in the projection room.

3/4 ... not too bad. sitting on the stairs playing. I felt pretty lucky that there wasn't really anyone else in the upper balcony with us and the kids could run around without being in anyone's way.
I'm sure Husband is either telling Daughter about the theatre's history or explaining how jumping from the top isn't a good idea.

Son didn't like his seat at the top and switched.

walking down the stairs


Son making his way down before being reconfined.

Can you tell that I've been sweating like a pig? HOT HOT HOT.
Husband looks the same. always.

Daughter making a "snowman" in the lobby of the lower balcony.
She gets snowmen and snow angels mixed up.

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