Friday, June 17, 2011


I heard about this website that sells fabric by the pound and seriously, it was like I was a sniper locking in on my target. I wanted it and oh how I needed it. seriously. ridiculous.

Anyway, Warehouse Fabrics Inc. sells a lot of fabrics, but so far the only I've been beyond tempted to buy is their decorator fabric BY THE POUND. (oh, how I wish they sold assorted quilting cotton this way. What a great stash builder that would be!) And they promise that one piece will be smaller than a half a yard but no bigger than 2 yards. Anyway, they have two options, Black and White OR Assorted Color.

I got two pounds of black and white


three pounds of assorted color
Plus, they are based out of Winfield, AL - which can be considered "supporting local business" for me.

Everything is larger than a yard but smaller than two. And while most of it is not something I would pick up in a store and just HAVE TO HAVE, I really like it all and think I can use it for one thing or another.

I'm making three bags like our May Second Saturday Sewing Project out of the fabric (BBWP has already claimed my favorite fabric and it just goes to show we're really not that different) and the rest I'd like to use to make reusable grocery bags. We've got a couple of the BIG Aldi bags and 3 World Market bags and a couple Publix bags, but beyond that we still use paper or plastic. (well, we usually ONLY use paper or plastic because I can't even remember to keep the bags in the car!)

I'd like to add to our reusables. I've found a couple of tutorials I like but until I measure the material I don't know which one(s) I'll use. more as it's happening.

The only other fabric by the pound website I've seen is eQuilter, but they promise that all pieces will be less than 1/2 yard ... plus I don't like the sample picture they use. That leads me to believe I won't like the fabric.

Do you know of anywhere else that sells scraps by the pound?


Lee said...

Could you use the b/w fabric for a quilt because that would be pretty.

Christy Ross said...

Lee, you probably could, but it wouldn't be a good idea. Because it's decorator fabric is heavier - like a twill or a duck that you would use for grocery bags, curtains, upholstery.

Too bad, I wish they sold quilting cotton like that too. I'd be all over it.

bpeterson said...

It's true. I used to think we were outrageously different and was worried that we were going to live together. Turns out, the biggest problem was the waterfall faucet. Not even our fault. Anyway, the fabric is beautiful and I'm already pairing it with outfits in my head!

Christy Ross said...

Really, Brooke? I thought our biggest problems were my electric toothbrush and actually having to drive to get chips and dip instead of having them delivered to us.

bpeterson said...

But the electric toothbrush was used at the same time as the waterfall sink and I wasn't going to be tacky enough to mention it... The driving for chips and dip wasn't a problem. It meant we got to stop to gamble at the gas station! Good times, good times.

Bethy said...

Dang, I gotta check that out. I need some cool new fabric.

Lee said...

Well you will have some very stylish grocery bags!

TL said...

loooooove the green lot. and really, all of it!

Jennifer said...

Hancock's of Paducah sells Moda scraps by the pound. They sell everything. Don't request their catalogue because you will want to order everything.