Monday, June 6, 2011

a sandbox to sanity

When I/we was/were a kid/kids (wow) my dad built us a sandbox. It was ridiculously big, like 10x10. I loved it. lots of fun memories playing in the sandbox.

Husband and I thought about building one for Son's birthday in April. But we never did. Recently, the kids were at my parent's house, Daughter discovered the remnants of the old sandbox in the back yard. And by that I mean - dirt sand. We let her play and play and play. The last time they were there, Mom even brought out old muffin tins and gardening shovels for her to play with and starting plotting how she could get this girl a real sandbox with real sand and not decades old dirt sand.

So, Mom bought two crabs (bigger than the turtles and much better for two kids size wise than the turtle) one for her house and one for ours. She delivered it on a Friday and we filled it up on a Saturday. And the kids have played in it every day since. About a month now.

The first time. We had to dig the beach sand toys out of the laundry room.

seriously, this never gets old for them.

Son said, "hurray sand!"

But I have not told you the best part of the sandbox yet. This is the first time in the history of my kids, that they don't bother me when we go outside. Usually, it's "catch this ball, Mommy," or "kick the ball to me, Mommy," or "look at this flower, Mommy," or "Mommy, I have the biggest rock," or "ride me on your back, Mommy," or "let's play in the tent, Mommy," or "chase me, Mommy."

I love my kids and I'm glad I get to spend every day with them, but BOY it is exhausting. When you're with a 2 year old and a 3 and a half year old from 8:30am to 7pm 5 days a week, it wears on you.

But now, thanks to this glorious, magnificent sandbox, I can bring my book or my ipod and sit in my lounge chair and observe. It truly is such an amazing break. Until someone throws sand and we have to go in the house!

Thank you, sandbox, for your magical powers of independent play.


Sara-Beth said...

Yay for children entertaining themselves so Mommy can take a break!!!

Husband said...

those kids are maniacs