Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Can Do It!

JSS asked me to join her in the We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler Leila is hosting at Sewn (henceforth known as SBS in my tags). ok, fun. Plus, I can learn new things.

Deciding on fabric is such a hard decision for me. Seriously, there is so much amazing fabric out there. I ended up settling on the Bed & Breakfast Collection at Connecting Threads. I bought the fabric for the kids' quilts there and I really like them. The main reason I chose it over another collection I really liked was because it was on clearance. Husband reasoned that down the line, the other collection I liked slightly better will be on clearance so it'll even out. I needed 9 yards, so the sale definitely helped!

Here's what I got. Husband picked out a few fabrics and I picked out a few (I didn't get everything in the line)

I got 3 yards of this as my "main fabric" so it'll be the main fabric in all the squares
It was my favorite fabric of the whole line

a closer up of everything else. I got half yards of the others.
I was proud that I only picked two solids. but I was a little disappointed that the solid green wasn't exactly as closely matched as it looked online. But over all, I'm happy with the look and I'm excited to start working.

With the SBS, I'll be doing 3 squares a month using a different technique each month (most of them I have no clue how to do - thus the name SKILL BUILDER!) and by the end, I'll have enough squares to make a queen sized quilt. I already went ahead and bought solid cream for the sashing because it was on sale!

The first blog (a log cabin) was revealed Friday and after much thought and lots of second guessing on my fabric and design choices, I finished it Tuesday night. It turned out well. I just have to make up my mind to decide and let that be it. no more, "well, what about this?" or "do you think this would look better?"

I'll try not to bore you with weekly updates and only post when I have an entire month's worth of blocks finished.

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