Monday, April 25, 2011

"Let's go outside and take pictures"

I finished Son's quilt Friday night in a sinus medicine haze. My top priority wasn't getting it right, it was getting it finished. But, it does look a lot better than Daughter's. And I think that's progress. I learned and did better. My 4th grade teacher would be proud.

Daughter got a sneak preview of her quilt Friday night after Son went to bed. She wrapped it around herself and declared it, "the perfect size for me." She also had one criticism about it, but more on that later.

Anyway, Saturday morning with the grass freshly cut and Son's blanket fresh out of the dryer, I told the kids we were going outside to take pictures of them with their new quilts. HURRAY. everyone loves going outside.

Here's what happened:
Son ran and jumped all over the quilt. Never slowing down long enough for a good shot.

oh, and Daughter did the exact same thing.
I gave up. We'd try again later. It was play time.

Back to Daughter's criticism. She was looking at all the colors of the squares when she noticed there was NO PINK. gasp. Her favorite color if you all remember. I asked her if she'd like a "secret pink square on the back" (imagine I'm talking in whispered conspiratorial tones) She thought that was a decent compromise. And I grabbed a pink charm and quickly sewed it on the back.
"perfect," she deemed.

They were so excited about their quilts that they wanted to take them in the car later that day. I didn't mind. I was actually a little proud they liked the quilts enough they wanted to carry them around. With the help of a couple of 5 point harnesses, I was able to hold my subjects captive long enough to get a picture of each of them with their new quilts.

Son, his quilt and his forehead scrape from earlier in the day

Daughter asking if she could take a picture
All in all, I learned a lot from the first Second Saturday Sew day. I'm excited I made something the kids like and I love the sense of pride it gives me. fun times.


Nicki said...

Absolutely adorable. Those quilts look GREAT to me! :)

Megan said...

Awesome quilts....way to go!