Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Day in Auburn

When you have a best friend that lives states and states away there's lots of notes, postcards, packages, emails, and direct messages on twitter shared. It has been two years since we've been able to get together and we did it in Auburn. It was a dual purpose trip. She and her husband got to visit their alma mater AND enjoy a fun get-together.

Everyone in my family (less me) has baby fever. true story.

To a little boy who loves rocks, Samford Hall was heaven.

Daughter couldn't turn the wheel.

I took about a dozen pictures of the girls sitting there, but this one was by far the cutest.

He's ridiculously cute

We had quite the mini photoshoot here. Lots of fun poses and facial expressions

we rarely have a good picture together. It's mostly the fault of a child in front of us.

The kids were identifying letters. Isn't this a hilarious picture? I feel like they were just playing then someone yelled FREEZE and they stopped.

walking to the student union (and as a non-Auburn student I forget its name)

This kid has 3 speeds: fast, faster and asleep.

Husband and Son found an unlocked gate and got into Jordan-Hare.

I cannot adequately express how excited these two girls were about all the Aubies. It was so sweet watching them. (Daughter was excited that she got to meet Aubie because she's seen "him on tv with football games. And he's friends with the Gopher and Big Owl." (yes, in our world where Mommy is an Auburn fan and Daddy is an Alabama fanatic and alum, Big Owl and Aubie are friends.)

Another Aubie the girls were excited to see.

checking out the new coliseum

blowing bubbles
(Son took a spill right in bottom of an otherwise great shot -- he added a little comedy)

Daughter's turn

And finally, lemonade at Toomer's

Daughter was studying the menu while sipping lemonade.

We took about a dozen bad self portraits. This was the least bad one.
We had so so so much fun playing together. Daughter was very mad we were leaving - Auburn AND her new playmate. Both kids were exhausted. (and of course, Son's favorite part was playing bubbles with Nanny. sheesh)


TL said...

love love LOVE it! i'm so happy that you guys got to spend the day together! i especially think it's sweet that you have these wonderful photos of your kids together. what's sweeter than best friends' kids playing together?

laurensmommy said...

looks like a fun day...even if it occurred at Auburn :)

The pic of the kids "freezing" in front of the letters is really funny. I'm thinking ROS looks a little like Vanna White and could have a future with the big letters!

Tina said...

So much fun, my friend. So much fun. Thank you for making it a great day.

Nicki said...

Adorable pictures! Looks like you guys all had a very good time. :)

Can definitely relate to the Aubie and Big Owl (ROFL BTW, that's too cute!) being friends. When my minion was tiny, she said the same of Big Al and Chief Osceola (FSU).