Monday, April 4, 2011

it may not look like much but ...

... it was the only plant to survive the weekend.

I love that little plant and I can't wait until it grows and grows and grows and grows. [I'm not putting too much pressure on a plant am I?]

I was pretty excited when I went outside to replant more Juliets, more cucumbers and more livingston melons (I am out of Jersey Giant seeds, so there won't be any replanting of those) to see this one plant.

But I actually did a little jump and hand clap when I realized it is a JERSEY GIANT. The only surviving plant is the one I couldn't plant more of. (sigh) made my day. I'm still a little bummed that I had to start over again, but I'm so glad at least one plant survived to give me hope and I'm jubilant that the one plant is a Jeresy Giant tomato plant!

I got 3 great ideas in the comments from yesterday's blog about finding a replacement variety for the Jersey Giants. I'm going to check the varieties out at walmart to see if any of them are good for canning, I'm going to call around to local nurseries (and by local, I mean anywhere I drive to and Friday I'm driving to Auburn and Saturday to Prattville) and I'm checking craigslist. Those are some great possibilities for finding something to meet my needs (a big fruit with very few seeds that's good for canning). Gives me hope. Thanks, friends.

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