Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Saturday quilt finished

The material for Son's quilt came yesterday. I decided I needed to get the show on the road and get them both finished.

Daughter's has been sitting in a shelf for over a week with nothing left to do but the binding. So I finally just did it. I should have worked slower. It really does look like a mess close up. One of the corners looks amazing. The others? Not really so much. And when I was basting it, I made the mistake of letting the back slip a little in a couple of places, making the back look a little off. It's won't win any prizes. Not even a beginner prize in an 8 year old division, but I'm proud of it and I know Daughter will love it. She's definitely enjoyed popping in at various points of the process to "help."

I used Ivy as the border color. If you look closely there are four Ivy squares in the quilt. I thought it would compliment the green polka dots.

I also finished Son's front last night. It worked up A LOT faster than the first one did! (It only took about an hour and a half to get all the squares together and the border on! and that is progress) I should have measured Daughter's border before I cut Son's because I wanted them the same width and I thought they were the same width, but as soon as I got the first piece sewn on I realized it felt a lot smaller. Not a mistake per say, but I should have listened to Handy Manny and measured twice and cut once.
Daughter's quilt is now in the dryer and hopefully in the next two or three days I can get Son's basted, quilted and bound. I definitely learned a lot from making Daughter's. Son's WILL look better. I'm excited to get it finished.

I'm planning on waiting until his is finished and give them both their quilts together.


Jennifer said...

They are cute. Don't worry about the binding. I have made about 20 quilts and I just now figured it out so it looks great.

I suggest some spray starch when you iron. Things won't slip as much. I also got a walking foot with my new machine and it is amazing. No more random bunching when I quilt.

I can't wait to see the pics of the kids when you give these to them. They are going to love them!

bpeterson said...

They look great!