Saturday, April 23, 2011

I love: single serve packet coffee

seriously. And I'll tell you why.
When I first saw these in stores, I'll admit I thought, "What a gigantic waste of money. I bet it tastes horrible. Who would spend money on this? There are people really too lazy to brew 1 cup of coffee" And lots of other ridiculous judgmental thoughts.

Then months later, our 6 year old coffee maker went on the fritz. I reluctantly picked up a pack to get me through those mornings I really wanted coffee until we could replace it.

Um, it's fabulous. truly. I suddenly didn't miss the old coffee maker so much.

My mother got Husband a new coffee maker for his birthday. (hurray) So now, I only use these on the mornings that I just want one cup of coffee and Husband has already gone to work without making any - about one day a week. That helps justify the cost.

I think there are 7(?) packs in a box. One box will last me awhile.

This weekend Husband and I were having a Soprano's marathon (thank you bham library) and at about midnight we wanted coffee. It was nice to be able to whip these babies out instead of grinding beans and risking waking up the kids.

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Kim said...

Love Love Love!!! These!

I find that one packet is generally too strong for me. I can get 2-3 makings out of one packet!! I usually toss one in my substitute teacher bag for those mornings on the run. I like to add them to my water bottle in the mornings and in the evenings I add a sprinkle or two to my milk!!! Fab-u-lous!!!