Friday, April 15, 2011

Daughter's blocks

Recently Daughter has inherited possibly the worst quality digital camera I have ever known to be in existence. 80% of the time the colors are weird and lighting wonky.

No one wanted this abandoned camera -- except Daughter.

She loves it. And I love her eye. She takes pictures on the most random everyday things from the most childlike angle. And she's so precise. It's adorable to watch. She doesn't quite understand the zoom yet, so all pictures must be obtained by either standing really far away or really close.

So, from time to time, I'll post a shot that I really like.

This is 3 sets (not all pictured of course) of wooden letter blocks I found at Target for $1. A good deal and lots of fun.
maybe I'll start adding a quirky name to each shot. Or maybe you should add the title! comment below.


Lee said...

That is pretty fabulous for a little girl. Evan has my old digital camera (I don't remember giving it to her) and she follows us around taking pictures. Funny how exciting everything is to little girls when they look thru a lens. Keep up the good work ROS!

laurensmommy said...

I am impressed with her composition of color and light. Or something like that. It just sounded "artisty" (artist-like?) Anyway, it was a good picture!

Lauren has taken such an interest in using our digital camera lately that we are debating getting her a "kid" one for her bday? I think Fisher Price makes one? She has asked for one of her own several times!