Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FIRST fresh pesto of the season

Hurray, hurray. Sunday, I gave the basil it's first major picking of the season. And the result? PESTO.

ready to freeze. And the freezer stash of pesto begins.
For Lent, Husband gave up red meat, alcohol and pasta. So for Easter dinner we had steak, pasta/pesto and margaritas. (plus garlic green beans because I thought it went better with the steak than pasta/pesto)


Erin Caden Rogers said...

Yummy! Post Lent supper sounds perfect! Here's a pesto tip...Matt's grandmother has been making pesto for 30 yrs, ever since she went to Italy the 1st time. Back then you couldn't find pine nuts in the state of AL. She started substituting walnuts, either roasted or raw, & it works beautifully. If you buy the walnuts in bulk, like we do for baking, its more cost effective as well! Just thought I'd share:)

Christy Ross said...

Erin, I actually use half pine nuts and half walnuts. Sam's is the only place I can find decent quality and priced pine nuts, so sometimes when I'm out it's just walnuts! You're right, they ARE great in pesto.

Husband said...

So fucking good!