Saturday, April 30, 2011

the garden ... or lack thereof

I'm finally motivated to get the garden going again. Remember the Craiglist guy who sold heirloom tomato plants? We wanted Rutgers and Mortgage Lifters from him, but he never called us back ... That didn't help my motivation level. Then on Wednesday I stopped in at Walmart between storms and decided to take a peek at the plants. Bonnie Plants saved my sanity. Walmart had Juliets!! (ya know, the variety we grew last year and loveLOVEloved that I keep starting from a seed and it keeps dying) I got 3. They had some heirloom varieties but none that was good for canning. So I decided to stop by Marvin's. They're on the way home and also carry Bonnie Plants. They had Rutgers and Homestead -- both great for canning. And one that I was already interesting in. HUZZAH. yes, I actually shouting "HUZZAH" when I saw them.

wow, I am going to embarrass my kids when they get older.

Anyway, I got 4 each and we headed home. Now we just have to get the fencing and get the tomato cages made. I'm excited about the garden again!!

Anyway, here's what's going on now with what's growing:

The mint (to the left) and the basil.
The mint is getting thick and I need to make a gallon of mint tea to thin it out a little.
The basil looks thin because I just picked 8 cups of it for pesto.

The Juliets that I reseeded.
I'm glad they are growing, but their importance level has dropped of now that I have more mature plants. I'll probably still plant them or see if anyone wants them if we don't have the room.

a closeup. I wish the first ones I planted made it to this point!
The cucumbers and melons are both doing well and will be ready to put in the ground soon. I didn't get a picture of them though.

The blueberries are blooming. I hate to admit it but I don't like them. They are so prickly, I can't even work the garden around them because I get stuck. I am rooting for the blueberry bush, which may or may not even be alive! eh. Husband loves the blackberries. I'm happy something he likes it doing well, but I just stay away from them.
Hopefully, today or tomorrow will be the day that we get everything planted. It's nice to feel excited about the garden again. I was close to throwing in the towel this season.

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